Monad Terrace

Real Estate

Its coming out of the ground.  The Developer has his construction loan and its being built.  The last waterfront community in South Beach.  It's call Monad Terrace.  And it's the shit.  I love this development.  Monad Terrace

Composed of 59 individually designed waterfront residences around a glittering lagoon, Monad Terrace provides brilliant light and expansive private outdoor space sheltered by climbing gardens of native plants and flowers.  Nouvel artfully directs the play of reflections and water throughout the project, bouncing light into living spaces, while the lagoon and swimming pool draw the feeling of Biscayne Bay deep into the heart of the property, creating what Nouvel has dubbed “the reflection machine.”  Monad Terrace’s unique honeycomb sawtooth façade captures, diffuses, and reflects incoming light, simultaneously framing views and providing privacy.  

This will be the premiere west side waterfront community in South Beach.  Located on on West Avenue  that has the highest walkabilty scores in the neithborhood.  You have Publix, Whole Foods, and Starbucks just a bounce away.  Below are a sample of the residences available with floorplans.  Prices start at $1.7 million.  Click on units below for full details.  

1.  Monad Terrace - Unit # 4C

2.  Monad Terrace - Unit # 8B

3.  Monad Terrace - Unit 12C

4.  Monad Terrace - Unit 6 E

5.  Monad Terrace - Unit 5 D

6.  Monad Terrace - Unit 5F

7.  Monad Terrace - Unit 2A

8.  Monad Terrace - Unit 11E

Here is a video of the Developer.  He is seasoned and proven.  For more information please call me at 305-898-8198.  Thanks,